Solving Differential Equations in R

This book deals with the numerical solution of differential equations, a very important branch of mathematics. Our aim is to give a practical and theoretical account of how to solve  a large variety of differential equations, comprising ordinary differential equations, initial value  problems and boundary value problems, differential algebraic equations, partial differential equations and delay differential equations. The solution of differential equations using R is the main focus of this book. It is therefore intended for the practitioner, the student and the scientist, who wants to know how to use R for solving differential equations. However, it has been our goal that non-mathematicians should at least understand the basics of the methods, while obtaining entrance into the relevant literature that provides more mathematical background. Therefore, each chapter that deals with R examples is preceded by a chapter where the theory behind the numerical methods being used is introduced.

  • Numerous examples help the reader to quickly solve a variety of   differential equations in the open source software R
  • Shows how R can be used as a problem solving environment, using  examples from the biological, chemical, physical, mathematical   sciences
  • Introduces the theory behind solution methods of differential equations at a basic level

2012, 2012, XVI, 248 p. 63 illus., 13 in color.
Softcover Information/ ISBN 978-3-642-28069-6 List Price 51,95 

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